Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula System

Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula System

The patented Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula System is designed to give the surgeon a complete program for creating a secondary airway - from initial incision through long-term tracheostomy care. Used in place of tracheostomy tubes, the system provides long-term access to the tracheal airway in situations that require an artificial airway or where access is needed for pulmonary hygiene.

The uniquely designed thin inner flange of the cannula is shaped to fit snugly against the contour of the inner anterior tracheal wall. No tube projects into the tracheal lumen. All tracheal cannulas are made of flexible implant grade silicone to assure patient comfort and safety while reducing complications.

The Montgomery® Tracheal Fenestrator is a surgical steel instrument that incises a precise circular opening for proper placement of the Montgomery® Short-Term Tracheal Cannula. The fenestrator works with standard suction equipment and is easy to use.

The Montgomery® Long-Term Cannula, used to replace either the Short-Term Cannula or a standard tracheostomy tube, is designed with a highly polished shaft - an exclusive feature that encourages the growth of epithelium to create a smooth stoma. Cannula diameters correspond to standard tracheostomy tube sizes. The stoma length in millimeters is measured along the inferior aspect of the stoma to determine the cannula model.

The Montgomery® STOMEASURE™ makes it possible for the physician to accurately measure a patient's tracheal stoma to assure selection of the proper Long-Term Cannula model, available in 24 sizes to fit virtually any patient.

With the Montgomery® Cannula Speaking Valve attached to the cannula, patients can vocalize without the need for finger occlusion. The valves provide a one-way airflow by means of a thin silicone diaphragm. A unique cough-release feature eliminates valve blowout following a forceful cough or excessive airway pressure. The valves are durable and easily cleaned.

Videos outlining the Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula System procedure and Care and Cleaning of the Montgomery® Long-Term Cannula are available from Boston Medical Products. Please call Customer Service with your requests.


Video: Cleaning and Care


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