Airway Management Products

For the quality of life your patients deserve.

Boston Medical Products offers many solutions for airway management, including tracheostomy tubes, stoma buttons, speaking valve, and a complete line of accessories.

The patented Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula System is an innovative stoma button system which provides long-term access to the tracheal airway.

The Moore Tracheostomy Tube is a flexible tracheostomy tube designed to conform to individual anatomies while providing patient comfort. 

The Singer Laryngectomy Tube is a flexible silicone tracheostomy tube designed to maintain the tracheostoma immediately following the laryngectomy surgery.  The tube can also be used to prevent tracheostoma stenosis for the laryngectomy patient on a longer-term basis.

The Montgomery® Speaking Valves are designed to allow tracheostomy patients to vocalize without the need for finger occlusion, and have been shown to have the lowest resistance to inspired airflow of any speaking valves on the market.

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