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Doyle Ear Dressing

The Doyle Ear Dressing is a postoperative ear dressing used to protect the external ear following surgery. The unique anatomical shape provides for a better fit and increased comfort. The plastic ear cup protects the external ear area while small openings provide ventilation.

Doyle Ear Dressings are available for both adult and pediatric patients. Adult models are available in natural and blue colors. Pediatric models are available in natural, blue, green, orange, and pink colors. A pediatric assorted pack is also available containing one green, one orange, two blue, and two pink dressings.

Each Doyle Ear Dressing contains an ear cup with integral foam pad, adjustable strap, anatomically shaped non-adherent dressing, gauze fluff, adhesive pads, and cotton balls. Pediatric dressings include fun stickers that can be applied to the ear cup for decoration.

Intended Use

For use as an external ear dressing following internal and/or external ear surgery.


  • Anatomical design
  • Comfortable, adjustable strap
  • All accessories included
  • 4 fun colors and stickers for children
  • Adult models in natural or blue


  • Sterile
  • For single use
  • 6 Dressings, 1 IFU per carton (1 Dressing per pouch, 6 pouches per carton)

Ordering Information




Adult, Natural


Adult, Blue


Pediatric, Natural


Pediatric, Blue


Pediatric, Green


Pediatric, Orange


Pediatric, Pink


Pediatric, Assorted Pack
(2 ea. Blue, 2 ea. Pink, 1 ea. Green, 1 ea. Orange)