Superior solutions for superior patient care

OTOCELL® Ear Wicks for the treatment of otitis externa are made of a unique lint and fiber free sponge material for superior liquid absorption.

OTOCELL® Instrument Wipes made of lint and fiber free PVA sponge material are used for intraoperative removal of debris from delicate optics or microsurgical instruments.

Otological Silicone Strips are economical pre-cut strips, made of thin, soft and pliable material for use as a temporary dressing in the external auditory canal following surgery.

OTOSILK™ Otological Strips, made of a non-adherent material, come in two sizes, and are used in the process of packing the external auditory canal following surgical procedures.

OTOSILK™ Graft Dressing, made of the same non-adherent material as Otosilk Strips, is a 10x15 cm sheet that can be trimmed to the desired size and shape for split thickness skin grafts.

Doyle Ear Dressing for both adult and pediatric patients are patented to protect the  ear following ear surgery.



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