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Doyle Combo Splint is an exclusive hybrid airway splint, combining the benefits of the original airway splint with the expandability and comfort of sponge.

Doyle Open Lumen Splint addresses the problem of potential closure of the airway lumen by a hypertrophied turbinate.

Nasal Airway Splint, designed to provide septal support and allow nasal breathing.

Intranasal Splint INS provides soft and flexible support of the septum.

Nasal Septal Button provides nonsurgical closure of nasal perforations.

Bivalve Nasal Splints are available in two sizes and two thicknesses, and feature slits and suture holes for ease of placement.

Custom Nasal Splints allow the surgeon to create any size and shape splint at the time of surgery.

Salman FES Stent has a proven track record of success for helping prevent common complications associated with FES surgery.

RHINOCELL® Nasal, Sinus, and Epistaxis Packs are constructed of a unique sponge material, providing a smooth surface maximizing comfort while minimizing tissue ingrowth. The high tensile strength of the sponge prevents shedding or tearing. The packs are supplied compressed for ease of insertion and will expand as fluid comes in contact.

Epistaxis Catheters provide djustable control of anterior and posterior epistaxis using inflatable balloons.

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