Epistaxis Catheter Procedure Pack

The Epi-Stop™ is a single-balloon catheter with integral airway designed for control of anterior nasal epistaxis. As a packing, it can be used following septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and other intra nasal surgical procedures. The included syringe is used to expand the balloon with normal saline. The volume of saline injected determines the ultimate size and pressure of the balloon.
The result is a controlled, uniform pressure to manage bleeding. The airway tube provides a passage for breathing while the balloon is inflated.

Intended Use

For control of anterior nasal hemorrhage or use as a postoperative anterior nasal packing


  • Medical grade silicone with blue tint
  • Single balloon with adjustable size and pressure
  • Integral airway
  • 20 cc syringe included

Ordering Information

For single use
2 Catheters, 1 Syringe, 1 IFU per carton




Epi-Stop™ Epistaxis Catheter Procedure Pack