Doyle Open Lumen Splint

The Doyle Open Lumen Splint is designed to keep the nasal airway patent while maintaining support of the septum. This device, designed for use postoperatively following a septal surgery, addresses the problem of lumen closure due to blood and/or mucus accumulation by allowing inspiration and ciliary action to keep lumen patent. The inferior edge of the semi-tube helps to lateralize the inferior turbinate and maintain natural airflow. Made from medical-grade silicone, the stent includes suture holes.

Intended Use

To provide septal support and reduce or prevent adhesions between the septum and lateral nasal wall following surgery


  • Open-lumen design
  • Provides increased airflow
  • Includes suture holes

Ordering Information

For single use
10 Splints, 1 IFU per carton
(1 Splint pair per pouch, 5 pouches per carton)




Doyle Open-Lumen Splint