Renú® Voice and Gel Injection Options

Renú® Voice and Renú® Gel are provided in sterile ready-to-use 1.5 cc syringes. No skin or allergy testing is required. Renú® Voice and Renú® Gel are designed to be easy to use and placed under direct observation allowing for exact control of volume delivered.

Office Based Trans-Oral Approach

  • Topical anesthesia (dripped on larynx)
  • Attach appropriate needle to Renú® Voice and/or Renú® Gel syringe
  • Prime needle with Renú® Voice and/or Renú® Gel
    (dead volume equals ≈0.18 cc)
  • Special Note – record syringe starting and ending volume for exact volume delivered to patient.

Office Based Percutaneous Approach

Cricothyroid cartilage approach
Thyroid cartilage approach

Operating Room (OR) Trans-Oral Injection

  • Visualization via direct laryngoscopy or micro-laryngoscopy
  • Inject with approximately 10 – 15 % over correction
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